Angelica Rodriguez | Fanatics Headwear
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About This Project

While working for Fanatics’ Headwear department I took ownership of the Pride and Women’s merchandise which led to new, more inclusive designs to make it to manufacturing. These are some of the headwear collections that I designed at Fanatics for the NHL and NFL. The Tampa Bay Lightning Pride hat was designed for their pride night collection, a trans pride version was also proposed and sampled but ultimately cut due to budgetary reasons. The “Breakaway” series for Boston Bruins is based on a team’s game jersey, eventually the sample team (Bruins) was translated to the other 31 teams in the NHL. The “Clutch Marble” series is based on apparel fan wear for the sample team New York Islanders, it was meant as a tie in to fan apparel and was also translated to the other teams. The Atlanta Falcons hat was a special “Americana” design for Independence Day, the Falcons were the sample team and eventually the design was translated to the rest of the NFL. Please note, some of these hats are still in production and may not be released as of the publication of this post.